Wireless Services: Design. Survey. Deploy. Validate.

Wireless Access

Wireless Design

A full-functioning wireless solution requires a much more complex design than a typical wired solution. Security is crucial in implementing a successful and safe wireless installation. INFRA can offer a fully wireless solution tailored to meet your requirements and budget. Designs are always based on industry best practices. INFRA Resolutions attempts to reuse current AP placement when optimizing the installation of new, leveraging existing cabling infrastructure already in place.

Predictive Site Surveys

A predictive site survey is a virtual survey of your environment that uses the software suite Ekahau. Combined with our certified wireless engineers and industry best practices, we can design, and determine the best placement of the wireless access points without even coming onsite. Our predictive site survey software and the CAD files, INFRA will account for building materials, square footage, the number of users, types of applications, antenna models, and other variables to provide a reliable predictive wireless plan for your coverage area. For all site surveys, an accurate floor plan is required for the best results.

Passive/Active Site Surveys

These are the most comprehensive survey types that encompass the most important WLAN characteristics and metrics. The application passively listens for packets and does not attempt to connect to WLANs. Reports produce real-time measurements and performance characteristics of your WLAN. These include Signal Level, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Signal-to-Interference Ratio, Co-Channel interference, Expected PHY Rate Frame Format, and Channel Bandwidth Requirements.


Deploying a wireless infrastructure is a challenging task, which sometimes involves multiple vendors while having very specific requirements. The deployment of the wireless controllers, access points, cabling, and commissioning of the solution can be managed by INFRA Resolutions using a combination of our certified engineers, project managers, and our network of trusted partners. We will plan and coordinate the deployment accordingly to ensure it goes smoothly.

INFRA Wireless Services- SUMMARY

Our wireless solutions start as a collaboration with your team through a scope meeting where the high-level design document is created. Engineering resources will produce the low-level design document that will drive the technical configuration and deployment.

Site Surveys – 2 TYPES

Wireless Technology
  • Predictive – designing the AP placement based on scaled floor plans, building construction and current AP installations.
  • Passive – measuring the current installed performance to optimize design, or troubleshooting poorly performing installations


  • Cabling for APs
  • Physical AP installation
  • WLC installation and configuration
  • Testing and validation of the installed base
  • Project Management of the deployment complexities

Wireless Solution Design

  • WLC design solutions
  • Security and integration to security servers
  • High Availability
  • Device type optimization
  • VoIP considerations
  • 802.11 a/g/n/ac support
  • Existing network integration

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